Foundation Components Edit

SMARTEAM Foundation is a combination of back-end components that are needed to provide the basic functionality of SMARTEAM. SmarTeam provides a licenses of Foundation to match licenses purchased for client-side modules like Editor, Web Editor, Navigator, and Community Workspace. To understand how these components interact with each other and with the various SMARTEAM client modules, read more about the SMARTEAM Architecture.


The basic components of Foundation (common to all client-side licenses) are:


When Editor client licenses are being used, an additional Foundation component is needed to allow SMARTEAM to manage files:

Web Editor / Navigator

When Web Editor or Navigator client licenses are being used, two more Foundation components are needed to serve web pages and to provide streamed images of files for viewing over the web:

Community Workspace

When Community Workspace client licenses are being used, the Web Editor Server component is replaced by a Community Workspace Server, and the same Web Viewer Server (needed by Web Editor and Navigator) is also required.


When Workflow client licenses are being used, another Foundation component is required:

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